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CHIP Challenge – one month

One month to make a difference


I was miserable. Sitting idle in my rocking chair, waiting around to die. I was over 300 lbs. and suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol, GERD, dizziness, and arthritis among other things. Thanks to CHIP I learned how to make better choices in my life, and I discovered that I love living much more than dying. Now I say farewell to that rocking chair and that miserable life. I shout “adios” to the 120+ lbs. and all the medicines I once needed. And I say “hello” and thank you to my fabulous lifelong partner, CHIP. I now live to share my story of overcoming obstacles so others may live their very best life, as well. It is a dream come true.

– Brenda Morris


Why it works

You’ve tried and you’ve discovered diets don’t work.

The secret to achieving and sustaining your health is learning how to live a healthy lifestyle that addresses the whole of who you are.

Imagine if you could….


Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs about what you can achieve.


Discover which choices make the biggest difference in your health.


Develop your taste for health promoting foods.


Incorporate the right kinds of movement into your everyday life.


Discover the importance of sunshine and how to get safe levels for Vit D.


Learn why water is so important to your health and how to get the right amount.


Create your environment to work for you, instead of against you.


Learn how to replace negative thinking with positive health promoting thoughts.


Develop a supportive community that helps you achieve your goals.


Heal the wounds of your past.


Find your purpose and discover how valuable you are.


Improve your life balance and build resilience.


CHIP gave me hope that I could control my life. My results reinforce that – CHIP eliminated my medications, I lost 30 pounds, and my A1C level dropped three points.

– John D


How it works

We’ve become victims of the culture we live in! The deck is stacked against us so much that we don’t even know what’s possible, let alone how to get there. And we don’t want to go it alone. After all, we are made to live and work in community.

That’s why it’s so important to have…


Understand what can be


Get the right information delivered in a practical, understandable way


Get support as you journey with others

Action Plans

The right information in the right place at the right time


I once lived life with high cholesterol, high glucose levels and heavy weight, but because of CHIP I had a 40% reduction in total cholesterol, 16% reduction in glucose, I lost 7 inches around my waist, and lost 40 pounds. If you want a program that has proven results to lengthen your life and help you become the very best version of yourself, join CHIP!

– Alyssa H


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! We encourage your family to watch the videos with you, study the materials and join you on your journey to the best health. Many couples and families find that going through CHIP together brings them closer and provides for more fulfilling relationships long term. Often times, spouses and family members are surprised to experience significant improvements in their own health, just by coming along to support their loved one!

Only paid participants will receive the materials and be able to participate in the online support calls directly, but your family is welcome to shadow and support you!

You’re right…diet’s really don’t provide lasting effect and yo-yoing can actually be more harmful than helpful. CHIP takes a different approach, helping you achieve lifestyle changes that provide lasting results.

CHIP is not a mandate of any specific dietary or lifestyle habits. In CHIP, you’ll learn what choices produce healthy outcomes and what choices tend to hinder healthy outcomes. You’ll also be exposed to and encouraged to try new things that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

After being equipped with this knowledge and experience, you decide for yourself what health outcomes you want to achieve; then receive support in making the changes you choose to make to achieve your goals.

You can’t know unless you try! But CHIP has worked for thousands of people who felt similarly.

Nope! This is another area where CHIP is distinctly different from many weight loss and so called health programs out there. The science shows that a more effective way of improving our health is to understand which choices and behaviors produce the best health outcomes and focus on making those choices and behaviors. When it comes to food, we look at caloric density vs. nutrient density and guide you through making choices which provide high nutritional value without excessive calories. No counting of calories or carbs needed!

CHIP is not a mandate of anything. We find that people who participate in full get the best results. The question is, what results do you want to get?

CHIP is not a mandate of anything. We find that people who participate on schedule get the best support and thus the best results. The question is, what results do you want to get?

Sometimes extenuating circumstances happen in life that change our temporary priorities. At CHIP, we understand life happens. If you find yourself unable to finish the program on schedule, just contact us and let us know. When you’re ready to start again, we’ll be happy to transfer you into the program of your choice to give it another go. One free transfer is available for anyone for any reason. Any additional transfer needed is available for £100 to cover administrative and licensing costs incurred to us. As such, we encourage you to hold off on completing the transfer until you’re ready to start.

You may cancel for up to 14 days from the program start date for any reason and without hassle. Just call our office and request cancellation. A £100 early cancellation fee applies. You keep the kit and materials; returns cannot be accepted.